The Independent Republic of New Orleans

#2, A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

June 7, 2015 (Minus Kat)

Reached Minor Milestone of finishing the scenario by finding the killer.

Detective Murphy expresses his gratitude and if we get into any trouble with the law to let him know and he’ll see what he can do to remedy our problem(s). Kearin appreciates the offer, as We did Murphy a huge solid with finding the villain.

Hugo drops an envelope on our table as he delivers us drinks at the Promethian a few days later when he was serving us drinks. He didn’t know who left it.

Same handwriting as before, basically the city is grateful that we helped out and it’s good to know that there are people who can be relied upon. Enclosed is the rest of the payment. They have spoken with the DA’s office, should we find ourselves in a difficult situation — dependent on the severity of the issue — we get a free pass. Limited, but this is our one get out of almost going to jail for free card.

Mike visited the library to find out of technology was being used for criminal purposes.

Meredith is doing what is typical for her in a normal day.

Thaddeus checks in at the lab. Dr. Wexford is in between projects. University has nothing on tap, and he has a couple of personal projects he is working on, but nothing he can bring to the school.

Thaddeus has noticed on occasion that he sometimes shows up a little worse for wear — cuts, bruises, and burns.. Thaddeus felt it was rude to discuss, but it is becoming a bit more common.

Doc comes in one day and says he has been talking to a member of the U.S. military for a possible University developed but military-funded project. Details are being worked on, but he’ll need assistance. I receive a list of things to order from tools to simple supplies.

Thaddeus probes (roll of Rapport of a total 2) about the issues. A couple of projects he’s working on haven’t been going quite as well as expected.

Abby, Dr. Wexford’s personal assistant at his private lab, is aware he’s developing a sound gun — shoot it and someone passes out. In theory at least..

Thaddeus questions Abby about the state of Dr. Wexford’s affairs in research and experimentation.

Abby relates he is working on a sound gun that would subdue individuals until they are able to be apprehended. It has peaceful and militaristic aspects..

As a test subject, he uses it himself in the evenings as a vigilante fighting crime. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not so much.

In fact, that’s how she and he met!

She was wandering by, saw him fighting criminals and losing, she ran in to assist and then she was losing, too, and then eventually the weapon works and they survive to lose another day.

Back at the Promethean, we have an errand boy pop in and deliver us a letter.

A quickly scrawled note, “If you have the time, please meet me at the asylum.”

Detective Murphy has a case for us if we want it.

We are led to the back, where there is a gate and set of French doors. People out here are less troublesome. Pretty blonde 17 year old girl in a wheelchair staring into the black.

She is not the first to enter with such a condition. Yesterday she was vibrant and active. SHe is the daughter of an ambassador to Argentina. The father is American. Needless to say, he has a lot of heat on him to get done, but he has so many other tasks he is overwhelmed.. if we’re interested, since we served well prior, he could use the help..

Find out what happened and maybe discover the cause..

Third case like this..

WHat happened to the others?

Murph doesn’t know, this is so high-profile he was just read in..

The others remain at the asylum no changes still catatonic.

Dr. Somebody mentions he has been taking care of the previous two and is currently overseeing the third girl. There has been no discernible change in them whatsoever.

If you put food IN their mouth, they will eat.

Right on her hairline behind her ear Mike notices an electrical burn on either side of her head.

There’s another mark on the right side of two of them and the left side of another, no idea if it is hand-dominant.
The princess is 17, another 19 abd the third late 20s she’s the second victim.

We interview the second girl. Light brown hair, attractive but not as pretty as the first girl. Light and pale skin.

No IV’s or anything..

She responds physically to electroshnock therapy..

Her next treatment is tomorrow

We finish at the Asylum, and then follow up at the Royal street police station for copies of the police report.

We review the reports. All found near the last scene area.

All discovered after dusk/dawn.

All kind of on the fringe of the Quarter and near the river.

The review is that each was active and in the same area.

We know the Ambassador is American born, married to Argentinian royalty, and he’s been in the city a few weeks..

Mere rolls a 0, she’s heard the Ambassador’s disposition. He’s more active with merchants.

Discussion over why they were electrocuted, but we all agree the location is less travelled and suspect.

Meredith spends a fate point to insert story details..

We head toward the University expecting Dr. Wexford will be there.

He isn’t in his lab at the University.

Dr. Wexford does have an office that he rarely ever uses.

We knock.

There’s a noise.

Someone under the desk, flipping papers..

Dr. Wexford appears to answer our questions.

It is possibly loa-voltage, high-duration exposure since they are still alive..

Thaddeus spends a fate point to aid Dr. Wexford’s recollection..

He has heard of some tryin to do different things with the brain.

Doc will give us names of those who are experts of electricity especially the body town.

Doc doesn’t think it is a weapon, but rather personable for specific application.

Four possibilities:

1. Some way to override the body’s controls. Full on body control. They are your automaton.

2. A study to see how signals interact between brain and body. Specifically if I command you to do this what in the brain controls that..

3. Mapping the brain.

4. Taking infofmation from the brain itself..

Maybe he is targeting women because they can take more pain, but they’ll go unsconscious with a smaller voltage. If they are unconscious they likely won’t feel it, but if they need them awake for study, tnen they are.



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