The Independent Republic of New Orleans

Intro, or a Magic Murderer

April 26, 2015

Each character receives an official document from the city reuqesting our presence at the Promethian this afternoon around 4pm to “discuss business.”

Kearin (Mike), Lady Abigail Corrington (Metedith), Lieutenant Luc aka Lucresia (Kat), and Thaddeus (Brian) prepare themselves to attend the city-invited event with everything we would normally have on our person.

We all arrived at the tavern, made some small talk, and ultimately were told by the bartender Hugo Ursa that there were some men in fancy duds in the back awaiting a group of folk holding letters.

Eventually we made our way to the back of the Promethian to one of the larger back meeting rooms.

We meet a large well-dressed man who lets us in. A portly well-dressed man is seated. The door closes behind us as the large man stands resolutely against it.

Mr. Florence is the large man. The portly gentleman says we are skilled and can keep our mouths shut from what he has been told.

We receive a portfolio each of us.

Details of a crime that the local and acclaimed police force cannot solve are inside these case files.

Why bring in outsiders?

There’s troubling aspects.

Take a gander as you look inside..

Police reports of 4 dead with slashes throats, removed organs, and arcane symbols …

4 dead. 4 reports. 4 of us. We each have an individual report.

Meredith rolls a 5 on Lore. Brian rolls a 3.

At 5, the symbols look like

Isabella, slender 19 year old, Chartres Street, found dead, in a pentagram covered with glyphs, she was missing her heart, she’d been dead at least 2-3 days, the smell alerted neighbors. Had a few friends, new to the city, friends and co-workers checked out. She was a bartender. Only worked a couple days a week. She was last seen alive April 3rd day of death.(Kat)

Shopkeeper. Merchant. Michael. 36 years old. He had his heart. Missing his liver. Same details. No witnesses. No sounds. Family and employees checked out. Died April 8th. (Meredith)

Elizatbeth English tourist visiting friends in 7th ward. Reported missing April 19th. Body found 20th of April. Same circumstances. Missing her lungs. (Mike)

Raul Lopez a Mexican born immigrant working fields of cotton baron George Ormond. Reported visiting JL’s Blacksmith Shop after deliveries. Left shortly after midnight and never returned. He was found yesterday April 24th.. missing his stomach and most of small intestines. (Brian)

The portly gentleman deftly avoids Thaddeus’ attempt to find out who he is.

He has bought a week’s time before the press will run the story.

He wants us to solve it before then.

Kearin asks how to contact them, Mr. Florence hands us a card.

Address for a local police station. The desk sergeanth will know what to do with it.

Payment, as asked by Luc, is questioned.

Mr. Florence hands us a wad of cash. Our retainer.

Should we fail, so be it.

Should we find the murderer, in that case, we’ll gain favor with the local Governor.

Wanted dead or alive. Preferred alive.

The local detectives are aware of our involvement. Anything we need to know we can ask them.

The missing liver merchant was known to never drink based on Kat’s investigation.

The missing lungs lady had early stage Tuberculosis. She arrived April 10th.

Meredith investigates regarding the skill of the surgery removing the Organs. Brian uses a fate point (1 of 2) for team player to improve her score of 1 to 3.

Mike spends a fate point having Thaddeus’ back achieving a 5 succeeding in style.

We notice the cuts do look ragged. Most of them..

The torso cuts are ragged. The throat cut is very clean!

We also notice that in all of the pictures the Mexican looks like zero struggle. Same with the English girl. The merchant? same. No struggle. Bartender looks like a slight struggle.. door is slightly off. Mirror in background missing.

We are only a block from Lafitte’s so we decide to go there first.

Discussion was over multiple murderers (Kat), a red herring where one was killed and the others were to confuse police (Mike), and that an assassin was hired to slit the the throats and so those were clean but cutting out organs is not (Brian)..

Lore check of 5 (Brian) is clear that Voodoo was not involved in any manner of any of the murders.

We find out the Mexican was completely hammered when he left the Blacksmith’s shop. Tequila. Blew his money on getting trashed.

Brisca is the contact to the underworld for the group.

The Mexican left in the middle of the night.

Anytime he made a delivery he’d stay and get drunk.

The Mexican is chatty, but doesn’t seek out attention.

There was one guy who was here, bought him a drink, they spoke for a while, and this guy looked pissed off. Nothing more than that. Eventually he left.

Mexican no real next of kin.

Elizabeth had family back home, was visiting relatives.

Merchant had a wife. No kids.

Isabella was also an immigrant with no listed family in the city.

Two crime scenes in the area. The Mexican and the bartender. We head on the other side of Rampart toward the Mexicans. The alley smells like death littered with flies.

We recover one melted candle from the scene.

Good neighborhood.

No blood on windows, all closed due to the effects of death.

We head to bed. Resume in the morning.

Head to the nearest chandler to pursue the candle angle.

The expert says the candles look home-made and not from any of the shops he is aware. The murderer used wickws that weren’t standard. The wax was a mix of melted down candlewax. They probably worked for a chandler because of the color consistency, but the impurities clearly show a mix of candle’s wax.

His recommendation is to ask around the St. Bernard Market or the French Market as to a place we’d find something like this.

We arrive at a chandler just outside the French Market. A guy selling red candles out of a suitcase. Kat bought the candle.

We browsed the French Market. Everything was generic.

We returned to the gentleman outside the French Quarter.
The party meets the butler of the plantation where Raul worked.

Brian ordered sweet tea.

Mr. George said that Raul helped with deliveries.

He was there 2 years. Sent money back home. Was chatty.

Easy to get along with but pissed off folks because he’d be blunt about things.

He ate what everyone else did.

“That’s a shame, I prefer things special.” CREEPY VOICE FTW

It’s late in the day now.

He enjoyed talking in Spanish anytime he could.

Always made Mass at St, Louis..



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