Fate Rules

Below are some quick reference rules for the system so that you don’t have to keep looking for them in the book. (I try to include page numbers next to them so that you can flip to it quickly if you need more in depth info). I will continue to add to this a little at a time as needed.

Invoking Aspects (p68) – Spend a fate point and you can get one of the following results: Take a +2 on your current skill roll after you’ve rolled the dice; Reroll all of your dice; Give a +2 benefit to another character’s roll if the situation makes sense; Add +2 to the source of any passive opposition or create passive opposition at +2 if the situation makes sense for you to be able to do so.

Compelling an Aspect (p71) – Whoever is getting compelled has two options: accept the complication and get a fate point or pay a fate point to prevent the complication from happening.

Free Invocations (p70) – When you successfully create an advantage in a situation you get to put a temporary Aspect on someone else (or something) and you get a free invocation of that aspect. After this initial free invocation you can treat it like any other aspect requiring you to pay the fate point to use it.

Fate Rules

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