The Independent Republic of New Orleans

#2 Cont., A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

June 14, 2015

Jennifer Morales. The Argentinian Ambassador..

Just got a job as an interpreter for NOLA. Argentinian in origin she speaks Spanish, French, and English.

The first girl was Lucy Barton. Only three girls so far.

We went and saw Dr. Wexford, gained valuable insight and we’d get a few names of individuals who worked in those areas..

So waiting for information of how the brain works wihtin our issues..
Thaddeus likes Mike’s idea of searching the river, but realized it happens within the early morning hours.. so that means if we were to look it would be best at dusk under similar circumstances.

2pm in the afternoon, we have four hours to kill before Dusk..

we are back at the Promethian and walk down to the river. We see mostly docks and the French Market bustling and busy.

Went to study the site of Jenn Morales’ abduction. We went to leave, but we discover Abby found a cufflink that had a W engraved on it.

Thaddeus spends a Fate point on Dr. Wexford’s Assistant and gets a +1 total.

After several Notice rolls, nothing results in any discernible information due to the government buildings.

The first girl was found by her mother. Morales was found by a police officer. The second aka Jane Doe was found by the sanitation crew.

We decide Lucy Barton was found catatonic on the other side of the Quarter. We walk for ten minutes.

Right past Canal Street,

I roll a +4 Investigate, but nothing jumps out at us.

Mike investigates power lines…

There are Telegraph lines..

There are just a few blocks from the second site, aka Jane Doe’s site.

The second site, which has less foot traffic, but more horse and carriage traffic is outside the center of the ciy with several transients..

There’s a lot of traffic getting out of the harbor, but nothing specific..

His name is Joe and he said his captain will be there in the morning if Mike wishes to speak with Captain Abraham..

At dock level, there are a terrifying steel-encompassed sea-faring vessels..



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