The Independent Republic of New Orleans

Intro 2, The End of a Magic Murderer

May 3rd, 1880

Kat goes to the Post Office and mails the Mexican guy’s possessions home.

She has Mike’s and her own files. Meredith and myself keep our own meticulously.

There is no discernible pattern as to the victims of the crimes.

The past few nights Abby has gone over the library to give us any benefit on the Pentagrams and the symbols. Last night she found an exact match in a fiction book authored by a non-descript author from some 30 something years ago.

Brian stays at the Promethian and the douchebag reads the book so the vulgar lady can get things done.

Mike then cock blocks reading as he invokes my Trouble aspect of “Yeah, I’ll get to that..”

People I know come in and repeatedly distract me from reading the book.

The group comes across a good bookstore which contains 2 fiction books of his, the new one on ancient mummies, Egypt, and curses.

They purchase the book.

The group returns to the Promethrian.

The group returns and steals the book back because Mike’s a douchebag and I have no willpower.

Detective Joseph Murphy is the lead.

Kat speaks to Detective Murphy.

Two autopsies have come back. Another may return today.

An unfamiliar substance was in the blood, but the coroner has zero clue as to what it could be, and he’s very experienced.

Those are the shopkeeper and bartender girl.

We are told to bring the individual in asap after discussing candles. Down on their luck but not homeless due to requiring tools to manufacture candles. If there is a bulk and consistent buyer of candles that may be it.

Detective Murphy is waiting for the results and is anxious for any feedback.

Abby thinks Thaddeus has the best rapport, and advocates Thadeus being a douchebag furthermore.

Thadeus rolls even and gets a +5 due to Abby’s assistance on his base +3 rapport.

Most frequented candle customers are female, the male is older who tends to routinely buy from him.. 50’s..

There has been one lady who routinely has purchased for the last month and gives us an address.

Abby rolled empathy and Thaddeus spent a fate point to give her a +7 to assist her in calming him down and find out potentially more information.

He is hiding something.

He has heard the author’s name per Kat’s query.

Everyone thinks “Thaddeus being good at everything.” is terrible and his attempt at swaying the purveyor fails. Hard.

Abby attempts to persuade him with “You haven’t heard of AUTHOR NAMES omgz!!!”

The potential Murderers of Thaddeus are trailing the individual aka Mike and Meredith.

Stealth track rolls are 3 for Mere and she spends a fate point as Team Player to allow Mike to reroll his -3 into a -1..
Thaddeus is the simple cousin to Lady Broadzilla.

He has some functional candles..

Kat queries what is the burn time.. 3-4 hours..

At midnight they’d be out by daytime..

So Brian is now Simple Syrup with the tagline Easier To Use.

Gobble Gobble Gobble.

She gets her candles from a travelling peddler due to them being cheaper.

Same peddler.

Thaddeus spends a Fate Point to reroll a -3 empathy roll and gets a +1 with fixing that..

Thaddeus rolls a +4 rapport, she is often closed on Sundays and Mondays and is busy but doesn’t think she sees him anywhere else.
Any sleep aids?

Sure they relax you..

Mike and Meredith follow the Tinkerer and find nothing of substance.

Detective Murphy welcomes us back and has the notes for the next autopsy which is the British Tourist. Tuberculosis and an unidentifiable subtancee in her blood except through tests.

So there are sections that are up and down the torso?

The “cuts are clean in segments, and in pairs are choppy, but they appear clean individually.”

The coroner ruled out medical equipment…

Luca aka Kat’s charachter postulates what if it is to test each organ..?

Nothing else was mentioned..

THe laborer would have been missed, but no one locally..

Why are we here?

We think outside the box and we can keep their mouths sharp..

We meet the coroner that day.

This is someone who either doesn’t care who they are killing or is a form of sociopath.

No idea on the substance in the blood.. nothing he has come across.. a sedative or paralytic..


Nothing Haitian Zombie in origin as far as he is aware..

Offers an example..

Scouting the Chandler they discover not much other than he’s been there a few months.

It’s been 4 +/- since a murder..

There is a lack of light,

They run towards the dock.

Everyone is at home at 2am..

Mike inhales a sickly sweet scent..

Heavy accent..

“Momma told me I would get caught..”

It is an emotionatianlly dead Tinkerer..

“Good luck, by the way..”

Can’t contol my temper.. when they make me mad.. why you have to know.. have to look into things.."

Kieran grabs around the knife..

Mike succeeds .. but at minor cost .. bleeding..

Mike is at -2 cause of a mild consequence.. tie on the roll..

New roll.. tie again

Mike rolls.. a +3

That’s with style as the opponent rolled 0..

-1 to Mike’s phys roll

-2 is a tie

He is at -4, Mike rolls -2.. swollen eye, dislocated shoulder, concussion..

Mike knocks him out.

No movement.



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